Monday, September 18, 2017
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By Abdi Farah Sharawe (Laqanyo) Today HirShabeelle State of Somalia stands at crossroads. We have two directions that the state can take– one road will lead us forward from the current predicaments to a brighter and promising future, the other will … Continued

Somalia: It is a time for President Faramaajo to speak to the public

By Mohamed Abdiqafar Haji Hussein On September 6, 2017, the Minister of Information of the Somalia Federal Government, Abdirahman Osman (Yarisow) held a press conference giving the government’s position regarding the handing of Abdikarim Muse Qalbidhagax to the Ethiopian government … Continued

Who Failed Farmajo’s Presidency?

By Faisal Roble For many of his supporters, the Farmajo administration has fallen out of grace so fast. With the right and bold steps, however, he may regain their confidences and rescue his presidency. Several incidents that had transpired in … Continued

Puntland’s Frankensteinian Ruler

By Ahmed Khalif The Puntland State of Somalia has earned the titles of ‘The Oldest Federal Member State’ and ‘The Mother of the Federal Republic of Somalia’. And with some semblance of government, it maintained law and order in its … Continued

Baashe vs. Talyanle: A Golden Opportunity Lost

By Abdi Hussein Daud On August 06, 2017 two members of Somaliland’s House of Representatives (HoR)—Mr. Bashe and Mr. Talyanle—ran for the “Speaker of the HoR.” Initially, Mr. Bashe got 39 votes whereas Mr. Talyanle got 38 votes (which Mr. Talyanle … Continued

Puntland Needs to be Saved: Public Discussions Assert That

By Said M-Shidad H. Hussein The people of the state of Punt have long clandestinely been complaining about the performance of the government of the state. Two incidents that occurred during the last 30 days, however, have prompted public discussions, formal … Continued


By WardheerNews Editorial “In it are Signs Manifest; (for example), the Station of Abraham; whoever enters it attains security; Pilgrimage thereto is a duty men owe to Allah,- those who can afford the journey; but if any deny faith, Allah … Continued